We are a firm dedicated to the representation and integral advice to soccer players, coaches, agents / intermediaries and clubs. ACT Sports is conformed by two departments: one legal, in charge of advising and litigation before national courts as well as FIFA and TAS jurisdiction, whose director is Dr. Diego Martin Agosti, a specialized sports lawyer; and a business department, in charge of Dr. Mariano Carlos Caporale, lawyer, former professional soccer player and a duly registered intermediary before the Argentinian Football Association (AFA). Football is a global industry that continues to grow and therefore it requires its actors to be assisted by sports professionals. ACT Sports is staffed by trained personnel and provides the right services to protect their customers and commercial allies.


    To get ACT Sports customers and commercial allies to maximize their capabilities and professionalize their activity.

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    To be leaders providing specialized services in the sport industry in order to successfully reach our clients' objectives. We intend to become a model company, both nationally and internationally.


    Our values are transparency, trust, dedication, teamwork and professionalism


Mariano C. Caporale

Dr. Mariano Carlos Caporale, director of the business area, is an attorney who is duly registered as an intermediary in the Argentinian Football Association, under license No. 04-007, authorized by FIFA and AFA regulations to act as such. He has been a professional soccer player for more than 10 years, playing in different leagues around the world (Argentina, Mexico, Bangladesh, Colombia and Israel), acquiring a vast experience that has allowed him to understand the football player needs, requirements and difficulties that arise throughout their careers.
We have a team of technical assistants and scouts that work with the company, and among them stands out Mr. Edgardo Darío Parisi, football head coach, who has also been a professional soccer player for more than 15 years.
The key to our clients’ success relies on having their business duly structured and instrumented, for which we work in constant interaction with the Legal Department, guaranteeing a platform of action provided with greater legal certainty.



Dr. Diego Martín Agosti

Dr. Diego Martin Agosti, legal department director, is a sports lawyer with an extensive career in the field of professional football. His department is in charge of providing personalized advice according to the specific clients’ needs, including agents / intermediaries, clubs, coaches and players.
Act Sports acts as legal consultant in many of the various facets of sports activity, intervening in litigation before ordinary jurisdiction (labor claims, image rights, work accidents, dismissals, damages); as well as at the federative level (claims to FIFA and TAS regarding training compensation, solidarity mechanism, contractual breaches, salary debts, provisional international transfer certificate, among others).



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